What is the CAPP Certification and Credential?

The Accounts Payable Practitioner Certification from The Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership

The Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP) programme is the amalgamation of both the Accounts Payable Specialist (CAPS) and Accounts Payable Manager (CAPM) study programmes, ultimately culminating in the 100 question CAPP certification exam.

Covering core finance and Accounts Payable subject matter in both technical and leadership and management aspects, the CAPP programme is the most advanced and highly recognised Accounts Payable Certification programme in the UK, Europe and North America.

Accounts Payable Practitioner Course Curriculum

The Most Advanced Accounts Payable Certification Program Globally

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome To The CAPP Course

    • Join the IFOL global community

    • About You and Your Career Goals

    • It's Time To Begin

  • 2

    The Accounts Payable Function and Terminology

    • Accounts Payable Role and Responsibilities

    • Essential AP Terminology Glossary

    • Accounting Terminology Questions

  • 3

    Accounts Payable Processes and Procedures

    • Module Overview

    • The Accounts Payable Process

    • 3 Way Match and Processing Invoices

    • Invoice to Pay Masterclass (28 mins)

    • Invoice Processing Best Practices Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Debit Balances, Exceptions and Purchase Orders

    • How to Achieve Purchase Order Compliance (40 mins)

    • Statement Reconciliations

    • Accounts Payable Process Knowledge Check

  • 4

    Technology for Accounts Payable

    • Module Overview

    • Evaluating Software Solutions for AP

    • Solution Types

    • RACI Matrix Template

    • Automated Expense Systems, Supplier Portals and Invoice Capture

    • Self Service Supplier Portals

    • Supplier Self Service Portals Masterclass (44 mins)

    • Digital Payments Masterclass (36 mins)

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    • Getting Started with RPA Masterclass (41mins)

    • Technology Knowledge Check

  • 5

    Customer Service and Stakeholder Management

    • Module Overview

    • Understanding Good Customer Service

    • Measuring Success Task

    • Customer Service Continued

    • Customer Service Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Your Customer Service Brand

    • Types of Customer

    • Handling Complaints Effectively

    • Customer Service Knowledge Check

  • 6

    Supplier Onboarding and Maintenance

    • Module Overview

    • Standardising the Supplier Masterfile to Prevent Fraud Masterclass (47 mins)

    • Supplier Management and Masterfile

    • Sarbanes Oxley Act UK (SOX)

    • Supplier Sanctions and Maintenance

    • Supplier Data

    • How to Clean Up Dirty Data Masterclass (41 mins)

    • Risk Intelligence and Supplier Relationship Management

    • Suppliers Knowledge Check

  • 7

    Communication and Negotiation Skills

    • Module Overview

    • Communication Overview and Types

    • Importance of Good Communication

    • Communication and Negotiation Knowledge Check

  • 8

    Data Entry and AP Accounting

    • Module Overview

    • Data Entry, Analysis and Numerical Skills

    • Accounts Payable Accounting Masterclass (45 mins)

  • 9

    Travel and Entertainment Expenses

    • Module Overview

    • Travel and Entertainment Overview

    • Guidelines on Travel, Subsistence and Entertainment

    • Monitoring Compliance

    • Expense Management Solutions

    • Travel and Entertainment Expenses Knowledge Check

  • 10

    Internal Controls, Risk Management and Audits

    • Module Overview

    • Compliance and Controls

    • Supplier Debtor Balances, Prompt Payment Code and Reporting

    • Risk Management and Records Retention

    • Accounts Payable Fraud

    • Audits and Audit Compliance

    • What to Expect in a Finance Audit Masterclass (42 mins)

    • Compliance and Controls Knowledge Check

  • 11

    Fraud Prevention in Accounts Payable (Masterclass Series)

    • Masterclass Series Overview

    • Avoiding Payments Fraud in Accounts Payable (58 mins)

    • Segregation of Duties to Avoid Fraud (17 mins)

    • Supplier (or Vendor) Validations for Reducing Fraud Risk (18 mins)

    • Combatting Business Email Compromise or BEC (21 mins)

  • 12

    Performance Management, Team Building and KPI's

    • Module Overview

    • Performance Management and Team Building

    • Performance Management Masterclass (31 mins)

    • Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

    • Performance and KPI's Knowledge Check

  • 13

    Leading and Motivating The Accounts Payable Team

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Leadership Styles, Skills and Attributes

    • Motivating The Team

    • The Change Process and Management

    • Change Management Masterclass (37 mins)

    • Team Building and Collaboration

    • Team Building Masterclass (29 mins)

    • Coaching The Team

  • 14

    Managing for High Performance

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Effective Management

    • SMART

    • Challenging Actions

    • Process Change and Improvement

  • 15

    Developing Staff

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Developing Your Staff

    • Coaching and Learning For Teams

    • Staff Performance Reviews

    • Recruitment and Onboarding Staff

    • Team Development Mindset

    • Coaching and Developing Team Members Masterclass (40 mins)

  • 16

    Presenting to Business Stakeholders

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Introduction to Presenting

    • Preparing Your Presentation

    • Delivery of Your Presentation

    • The Power of Your Voice

    • Presenting With Impact Masterclass (40 mins)

  • 17

    KPIs, Reporting and Audits

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Understanding KPIs

    • KPIs for Accounts Payable Performance

    • KPIs, Reporting and Benchmarking for Motivation

    • Accounts Payable Working with Audit

    • Masterclass: What to expect in a Finance Audit

  • 18

    Customer Service and Complaints Handling

    • Module Overview

    • Customer Service and Complaints handling

    • Complaints Handling Process

    • Complaints Guide

    • Understanding and Resolving Complaints

    • Customer Services and Complaints Handling Masterclass (28 mins)

  • 19

    Project Management and Implementing Software for Accounts Payable

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Project Management Principles

    • Masterclass: How to Keep Your Project On Track and Rescue a Failing Project

    • Sourcing and Implementing New Software

  • 20

    Budgetary Responsibility and Spend Control

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Budgetary Control

    • Spend Management Control

  • 21

    Regulation, VAT and Fraud Risk

    • Module Overview

    • Module Focus and Objectives

    • Regulations, AML, UKSOX and Sanctions

    • VAT Management

    • Fraud Awareness and Prevention

  • 22


    • Exam Prep Guidance

    • Exam Prep: Mock Exam Questions

    • Starting The Exam

    • CAPP Exam

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